Tee Shirt Junction was born the way many things were born... over a beer! Starfish Junction Productions is an award winning event production company. We produce events in the specialty beverage industry including beer, coffee, tea & hard cider. We don’t produce these fantastic events alone though. We get by with a little help from our friends. For every show we do, we have a group of amazing volunteers that lend us a hand. As a thank you for all their hard work, we gave our volunteers event tee shirts to wear as they worked. When our attendees saw these awesome, usually beer themed shirts, they began to ask us “Where can I get one of those?” Our response would always be, “They are a gift for our volunteers, if you’d like one, grab that keg and help us out!”

We quickly realized that we can’t have everyone volunteer, we wouldn’t have any attendees! So we began creating new shirts to sell to our festival attendees. They were a big hit and they started selling like hot cakes! Since we do so many shows each year, we’ve started to gather quite a collection of shirts. So we decided to make a fancy new website and make them available online!

So please enjoy browsing our tee shirt collection that was created with the help of great people, great friends and great beer!


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